Your Dj

At the age of 10, Edward "Bud" Galarita decided that he was going to be a Dj. After hearing Planet Rock for the first time over the airwaves, he felt an awakening to music like never before and DjBlast was born. The musical love affair he had back then as a kid never left him, and now carries on in the company he founded back in 1989 known fondly today as ChillTown Productions. 

ChillTown is a place that has no musical limits. Genres are not defined by boundaries. Music is a huge part of our special moments in life. It's that favorite song on the radio and the album we played on repeat in high school. We get lyrics stuck in our head all day, and we play our favorite songs on shuffle when we get ready for our first date. We sing loud and proud when no one is listening, dance like no one is watching, and we smile when we hear a song that reminds us of someone we love.

DjBlast specializes in working with you to assure that your event will be one that you and your guests will look back upon with fond memories. Let us help you achieve your goal of creating  memorable, musical moments so you can look back with a smile and gratification knowing that you had the time of your life.